Businesses encounter challenging demands when delivering novel, high-quality therapeutics to patients faster and more cost effectively.

Overcome these challenges with our biologics software.

Our biologics software, which provides a library of interoperable workflows with associated ontology and biological and laboratory inventory management, can transform your business – whether you’re carrying out daily monitoring, working with bioreactors or developing a new cell line.

  • Streamline workflow execution through facilitating collaboration and create cross-domain efficiencies between upstream development, downstream development and analytical development teams
  • Enhance integrity and compliance while gaining flexibility required in process development, while assuring rules and procedures associated with GxP validation and company quality protocols are adhered to
  • Search, share and enable insight with fully searchable data captured within our solution for biologics – enabling you to find exactly what you need, when you need it; enhancing visibility across all your operations and allowing you to make suitably informed decisions

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