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At IDBS, our drive is to help organizations advancing science and solving some of the world’s most complex challenges. Achieving innovative solutions to those challenges can be daunting journeys—filled with significant investment and expectations, long timelines to manage, regulatory hoops to jump through, and mounds of data to leverage value from.

To help our clients, our approach has been to create flexible informatics solutions that meet specific scientific workflow needs in a unified, cloud platform. This approach, along with consulting services to provide white glove expertise when required, yields immediate time-to-value after implementation and a solution built for client purpose.

These scientific solutions are leveraged in a range of industries, including healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agricultural sciences, consumer goods, engineering, energy, and food and beverage.

Regardless of industry, the challenges around scientific workflows and process can be daunting. Our vision is providing solutions that cut through those challenges and let you focus on what matters most: advancing science.

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