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The energy industry is increasingly shaped by political, economic and social forces that open the door to new opportunity. Oil and gas, biofuels, nuclear and renewable energy organizations must be able to adapt in this fast-moving landscape. Huge volumes of data and continuous global operations only add to the challenge. IDBS enables energy companies to stay agile from the laboratory through to pilot plants and commercialization.

Flexible and compliant data management solutions optimize processes and improve research and innovation (R&I) productivity – all while staying in line with governmental product and safety standards. The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud allows energy companies to increase efficiency by doing more with less in lean years and to create an easily accessible knowledge repository storing all legacy information and IP for future use across the business, preventing valuable knowledge loss.


What we do

Engineers can plan their experiments more efficiently, while operators can capture real-time data and samples during the process and request critical information from the analytical team.

Above all, increased data quality accelerates laboratory workflows, enhances analysis and ensures the delivery of high quality, highly profitable products.

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Key benefits

With IDBS, you can accelerate the testing and approval of samples for faster turnaround times and delivery of finished products.

We can help you maximize the value of online and offline data by combining disparate data sources from all scientific disciplines to improve your decision-making.

Given the diverse nature of their products and markets, our customers require a uniquely scalable and flexible platform that can manage the diverse data types that are created during the product development lifecycle. Companies also need fast access to R&I data to support external requests for product information. Integrated request management and reporting capabilities bring together all the data generated for a given product efficiently.


  • Improve availability of intellectual property (IP) by storing it in a compliant and accessible manner
  • Increase competitiveness by streamlining, simplifying and automating key R&I activities
  • Enhance analysis and deliver new products faster
  • Promotes global collaboration internally and externally
  • Integrates to devices and corporate systems
  • Fully searchable MS Office documents and PDFs
  • Workflow templates for harmonized data capture and analysis
  • Fully integrated inventory management and work request capabilities