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Biotechnology Research Software Solutions

A massive amount of complex data is generated in the development and production of biologic drugs. R&D workflows are taxed with a continual need to manage, organize, and analyze new scientific materials, which can slow down ad hoc processes and compromise quality. It is also critical to integrate new findings in a searchable and contextualized format across systems to accelerate the go-to-market time.

With outsourced R&D on the rise, and an increased push for external partnerships over the lifecycle of product development and launch, new solutions are required to fill the gaping holes left in the unwieldy email chains and version maintenance nightmares of SharePoint and Dropbox. With cost, speed, quality, and security all requiring an equal footing, an accessible, user friendly, and nimble tool is needed – and available.

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is the solution to productivity, efficiency, and innovation needs for biotech companies of all sizes.


What we do

For scientists and researchers in biotech, time-wasting notebook keeping, process replication, and the repetition of menial tasks can eat away at time which could be used for insight and innovation. The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud provides the space needed to allow researchers to step back, think differently, and see the bigger picture.

Breakthroughs rarely come in one big eureka moment. Innovation is built from many small movements and insights along the discovery continuum timeline. The E-WorkBook Cloud makes possible, and accelerates, these moments by uniting teams towards a common goal, despite differences in discipline, location, or language.

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud has been designed to answer the present and future challenges of unified scientific R&D data management. With The E-WorkBook Cloud, you can reduce R&D write up practices by 40%, saving as much as 2-4 hours per day per scientist – time that could be used to reach the next ‘breakthrough’ moment for biotechs of all sizes.

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Key benefits

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for biotechnology can improve business performance from development to delivery – through workflow efficiency, clean collaboration, and enhanced insight – by streamlining process execution, integrating communication channels across siloes and disciplines, and boosting opportunities for innovation.

Whether starting small or wishing to transform your business, the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud can scale with your needs from both a user and capabilities point of view. Our technology is used across the Biotech space from small innovative start ups to established market leaders, our enterprise platform will grow with your business.

Flexible enough to cope with the demands of research environments, IDBS also supports validation and compliance for GxP.


  • The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is a single system able to scale with your needs
  • Can be delivered software as a service (SaaS) to reduce the need for IT support and costly capital expenditure
  • Combines the very best functionality of lab-based informatics solutions (ELN, LIMS, LES, SDMS & more) in a single integrated platform
  • Complete end-to-end R&D platform, supports all your internal, external & hybrid data management & research needs
  • Provides cutting-edge data capture and analysis tools, job requesting & fulfilment along with inventory management
  • Flexible, scalable and powerful enterprise-class software that enables you to start building your lab of the future
  • Industry standard data model for the storage and integration of critical information