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Biopharma Discovery

Organizations need to capitalize on R&D data, and in today’s highly networked labs, collaboration is everything. Research teams, whatever their location, must be able to capture, secure, analyze and then share data quickly to accelerate the discovery and development process of new medicines and gain insights into complex scientific problems.

IDBS partners with global pharmaceutical companies, major biotechs, leading contract research and manufacturing organizations (CROs and CMOs), enabling them to capture business critical scientific data, analyze it and then generate and share cross-experimental reports in a matter of hours rather than the current typical days, weeks or months.


What we do

Using the IDBS platform, pharmaceutical and biotech organizations can integrate data and process across every stage of the drug discovery and development process: supporting every discipline involved – chemistry, biology and analytical in both validated and non-validated environments.

IDBS has the proven technology, expertise and experience and we have been successfully helping organizations to transform their research and development processes for new biological and chemical entities (NBE and NCE) for over 25 years.

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Key Benefits

We help organizations integrate data and processes across every stage of the drug discovery and development process, in both validated and non-validated environments.

With IDBS, you can deliver on-demand access to R&D information to people who need it, when they need it – enabling you to improve quality, optimize processes and increase efficiency. The end result? You can give valuable innovation time back to your scientists.

Our solutions span preclinical, analytical sciences, chemical sciences, bioanalysis and biomolecule research and development in a single system putting more of your data together for better insight and decision making.


  • Capture, analyse and share scientific data in hours not days or weeks
  • Increase collaboration within the organization and with outsourcing partners
  • Capitalize on intellectual property (IP) assets through the secure exchange of ideas and information
  • Manage contextualized data and gain valuable insight and understanding across the product and process lifecycle
  • Easily expand into new areas with our customer ready solutions
  • Integrates with lab instruments and technologies
  • Flexible, scalable and powerful enterprise-class software that enables you to start building your lab of the future