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Spotlight on: LabVoice

We have partnered with LabVoice, which provides a workflow engine for scientific voice assistants, to accelerate research, innovation, and design. By introducing voice to IDBS scientific software platforms, scientists will have real-time access to E-WorkBook data, regardless of their location in the lab.

Labvoice integration

How does it work?

By leveraging LabVoice voice assistants, scientists will be able to unlock a new mode of engaging with E-WorkBook. Users will be able to query experiments and will have real-time, bench-side data capture enabled. Furthermore, context unavailable in data sets, such as experimental metadata or observations, can be easily added to any E-WorkBook experiment. Voice authentication from LabVoice will enable E-WorkBook to recognize the user and point them towards their instance, creating a robust audit log. 

Together we have addressed an animal lab use-case where scientists have their hands full with dosing and measuring. By removing the need for an assistant scientist or having to enter the data later, scientists can accurately and efficiently record measurements while performing their experiments. 

Sample Characterization with LabVoice

We are also working with customers that want to explore new use-cases with voice. 

Spotlight on: Zontal

IDBS and ZONTAL have teamed up with AGU to provide an end-2-end solution for common problems encountered during the pharmaceutical product lifecycle. Among these problems are automation of experimental design, data capture, data cleaning, and data reporting.

How does it work?

We leverage the Allotrope Data Format to increase data quality by contextualizing the raw data according to Allotrope Data models with descriptive information. Furthermore, we create a tight connection between the experiment and researchers by removing artificial boundaries and always giving full access to reusable data. Through ADF supported audit trailing, we keep track of full data lineage and changes throughout the product lifecycle to ensure a reduction of workflow related errors. 

Specifically we have created a bidirectional connection between AGU’s SDC bioanalysis execution software to our experimental framework. 

Sample Characterization with LabVoice

Spotlight on: TetraScience

IDBS has teamed up with TetraScience to connect EWB to the Tetra Data Platform. TetraScience offers agents to systems and instruments such as SDC, Empower, and Chromeleon. Both companies are focused on providing FAIR data to enable companies to uncover new insights and to enable innovation. 

Sample Characterization with LabVoice

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