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About XLfit

What versions of Windows and Excel are compatible with XLfit?

The XLfit application is supported/compatible with various different software environment.

Please refer to the XLfit Platform Support Information (page 28) for full details.

Please note XLfit does not support Mac OSX.

Where can I find the XLfit Install Guide?

The XLfit Install Guide for XLfit 5.5 can be viewed below:
XLfit 5.5 Install Guide
Uninstall Guide

XLfit has been installed, but does not appear in Excel

Microsoft Excel may sometimes determine that XLfit should be blocked as an Excel Add-In. If this has occurred then it will be necessary to unblock XLfit to allow the application to load normally.
How to unblock XLfit

What is my Computer ID?

The Computer ID is a unique identifier generated by the XLfit application on the machine that XLfit is installed on. To get the Computer Id for the Product Registration process please do the following:

  • Install the free trial of XLfit
  • Launch Microsoft Excel, the Registration screen will appear
  • Copy the entire Computer Id from the Registration screen

Alternatively the ‘Online Key Request’ button can be used from the XLfit
Registration screen, which will automatically fill in the Computer ID field.

How do I register, get a license for XLfit?

In order to license the XLfit product, it is necessary to go through the Product Registration process. A document detailing this process can be located using the link below.
XLfit Keycode Registration

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