Digital transformation

Or the art of not falling for the shiny acronyms!



Digital transformation is not a quick fix

While an outrageous high number it is maybe not a surprising outcome. It is easy to be blinded by fancy technological acronyms and promises of a quick fix from new and inexperienced market actors, drawn to a potentially lucrative market.

But when reality hits, digitalization projects often turn out to take much longer than anticipated, causing digital exhaustion and many roadblocks in the day-to-day operations.

Unfortunately badly advised digitalization are costly, consume too much capital and resources while achieving little value.

While there are plenty of different reasons for a project to fail one of the most common is when companies take a technology-first approach.

But digital transformation is not about technology

It’s not about buying tech commodities like a LIMS, an ELN, or a LES. It’s not even about buying a flexible, unified, integrated, forecasting cutting-edge software. Digital transformation is about understanding your business goals and translate them in a clear and global data management strategy.

IDBS has accumulated more than 30 years of experience and can help you transform and leverage your research in an unprecedented way.

Book a discussion with us and we promise not to promise you a quick fix,

but we will focus on your business goals and what we do to help our customers with their data management needs.

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A Guide to Achieving Better Insight with Accurate Data

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Shapeshifting Landscape of Scientific Informatics

Mastering data and information is an essential part of any organization’s research. In this ebook we look at how legacy technology can block the road to scientific discovery

The_Shapeshifting_Landscape_of_Scientific_Informatics pdf

12 Tips for increasing workplace productivity with technology

Workplace productivity has increased by 84% during the past 40 years because of advancements in digital technology. In this tipsheet we look at how you can use technology to increase productivity in your business.

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