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"Sometimes you simply need to write stuff on paper, your hand or even your fumehood because there is no way of accessing a computer in the lab."

That’s a myth!

Scattered notes and manual transcribing is the main cause for missing data and data errors. The time lost for fetching a device or walking over to your computer is regained several times by the increase in data integrity.

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"The best and cheapest way of making a report and visualizing your data is an Excel spreadsheet."

That’s a myth!

Excel spreadsheets are a sure way of keeping your data fragmented and preventing continuous learning, modeling and simulation based on all your experiments. It may seem a cheap and convenient way, but it doesn’t lead to Biopharma 4.0. It’s a dead end.

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"The idea of one platform is naïve. Laboratory work will always need several software systems: a flexible ELN, a structured LIMS and ERP."

That’s a myth!

Modern cloud-based platforms come with integrations to any software or system you need for unsiloed storage and access to the full data continuum. Some platforms do it better than others, but you should not settle for less.

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"Our lab runs hundreds of different types of experiments. There is no way one software can support all of them."

That’s a myth!

Use an open flexible system and a partner you can trust to customize your new software with workflows, integrations and analytics tools. Adapt your software to your research and not the other way around.

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"Replacing our current system would take too much effort. It’s simply not worth it."

That’s a myth!

Choosing an R&D software platform is one of the most important decisions you will make. Make it right, not fast. Make sure time-to-value is not just time.

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"R&D software products are either too open and flexible, or too rigid to be effective."

That’s a myth!

It’s true that you need a flexible tool for research and discovery but a more structured approach for development and lifecycle management, but they can be combined with an integrated platform. Like IDBS E-WorkBook for drug discovery and IDBS Polar for biopharma development.

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If you agree with one or more of the statements above – you may need to bust the R&D myths of your lab with some more reading.


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