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IDBS has been helping the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies for decades. The combination of great technology, world class support & services and deep domain experience means we can work with our customers every step of the way and are able to deliver fully working solutions quickly and efficiently. Our preclinical solution is capable of spanning across multiple disciplines in a single environment meaning companies can easily bring groups together into a single, fully integrated system without having to compromise on technology or functionality.

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Preclinical can even be integrated with other lab equipment and systems allowing it to span pharmacology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, safety, toxicology all the way into formulations and stability. By combining more of your research data together in a single system, we make the information available across your organization speeding up collaboration and decision making.


Our offering

All preclinical areas require sophisticated, scientifically aware applications and data management. These capabilities need to be supported with sample management and deep integration capabilities to instrumentation and source data systems, coupled with strong statistical analysis support. The data produced needs to be consumable by the generating domain for in-domain reporting.

But the data produced by a domain must also be consumable and useable by neighbouring domains to ensure that the high impact, mission critical decision, aggregated cross domain data reports can be produced easily such as PK/PD and IV/IV.

This is where the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for preclinical research comes in, with its proven data model, structured data capture, curve fitting and statistical analysis and rich integration capabilities, it is the gold standard in pre-clinical data management and is trusted the world over by the world’s leading research and development companies.

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Key benefits

As well as the benefits listed, the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Preclinical can be used across many different disciplines in the preclinical space, to learn more see below:


  • Statistical analysis and curve fitting out of the box
  • Industry standard data model for storage and reporting
  • Can be provided in both non-GxP and GxP environments
  • Data importing for consolidating text-based data, for example from legacy systems or CROs
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Automated data analysis and reporting
  • Cross Experiment analysis and reporting