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Bioanalysis & Bioanalytics Research Solutions

The IDBS E-WorkBook for bioanalysis solution enables you to create and manage electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis, including sample preparation, instrument set-up and post-run QC. The E-WorkBook Cloud can consolidate run data from your LIMS and facilitate the compilation of study reports.

While E-WorkBook can be hosted on your servers, we can also host the solution in a controlled, secure, fully validatable GxP Cloud environment – reducing your start-up costs, and giving you time to get back to what you do best: science.


Our offering

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis is a complete suite of interconnected workflows that support small and large molecule bioanalysis.

Embedding quality and compliance across your bioanalysis operations. The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud provides full traceability across your material inventory (reagent, matrix, or analyte solutions) and even tracks sub-aliquot genealogies.

Each bioanalysis workflow incorporates business rules to manage deviations and ensure compliance. Thanks to their flexibility, the same workflows can also be used in non-GLP environments, with limited compliance overhead.

Using The E-WorkBook Cloud, you can eliminate QC burden by adopting ‘Audit by Exception’. Our research indicates that between 10-30% of total study time involves QC tasks.

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Key benefits

The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud for Bioanalysis offers exception management so your QC team can audit studies remotely and in real-time, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to create a study report.

You can shorten study duration by up to 60% by streamlining study review and QA audit, eliminating paper study binders and equipment logbooks and facilitating sample preparation by easing the documentation burden.


  • Enforce 100% compliance with your bioanalytical method
  • Quickly identify exceptions to the specified process
  • Eliminate deviations
  • Electronic methods to drive all aspects of sample analysis
  • Print barcodes, track storage locations and generate usage logs
  • Prepare and qualify material – analyte stock solutions, cals/QCs, matrix pools