Biokit futureproofs diagnostics business and maximizes R&D spend through introduction of E-WorkBook

Data is useless if it can’t be found

Biokit, part of the Werfen Group, specializes in the research & development (R&D) and manufacturing of reagents for clinical diagnostics. Investing over 15% of its annual turnover into R&D, Biokit is committed to both innovation and quality through its customer-driven R&D approach, ensuring it can research, develop and manufacture in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices in a sustainable way.

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The challenge

With such a large spend on diagnostics R&D, Biokit wanted to ensure that this spend was utilized effectively, in order to improve efficiency within the company and, ultimately, improve patient care. Keeping data in a range of disparate solutions created a number of challenges for Biokit. With experiment data not readily accessible and some information frequently kept in the minds of individuals – some of whom had left the company – there was the risk of having to repeat studies. David Giles, Biokit R&D Team Leader Chemiluminescence, said: “Data is useless if it can’t be found. We were aware of the risks of misplaced information, which generated extra, often unnecessary work for the Biokit team. We needed a solution to help alleviate these risks.”

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The results

Biokit conducted an initial E-WorkBook pilot in 2014, with support from the IDBS Paris team, across two laboratory departments – biochemistry and chemiluminescence.

During the pilot, E-WorkBook was used to track results for experiments. Data insight was reviewed, as were the benefits of E-WorkBook’s search functionality. David Giles said: “Results from the pilot showed that, using E-WorkBook, scientists could save an estimated 4-6 hours per week using the system, reducing their administration time significantly, with lab managers saving 4.5 hours per week.” Following the successful pilot, E-WorkBook was rolled out to the wider Biokit team. There are now 40 staff members using E-WorkBook across all of Biokit’s research & development teams – chemiluminescence, biochemistry, latex, cell culture and molecular biology, respectively – increasing communication and collaboration across the areas.

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The solution

Aware that their current methods of recording information might be improved by using an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), Biokit – based in Spain – attended an IDBS workshop in Barcelona to see, first hand, what solutions were available.

Impressed by E-WorkBook’s capabilities, and having learnt more about the product through regular IDBS webinars, Biokit investigated other vendors and products before arranging a demonstration with IDBS in their Barcelona offices. Following the demonstration, Biokit spoke with another E-WorkBook customer, also based in Barcelona, before deciding to select E-WorkBook.