A leading French Biotech firm adopts IDBS Data Management platform

IDBS E-WorkBook centralizes data management processes and improves collaboration across multiple laboratories

Inventiva is a French biotech company specializing in setting up integrated drug discovery partnerships from target validation up to clinical candidate selection. Inventiva works with pharma companies and biotech and academic laboratories, focusing on nuclear receptors, transcription factors and epigenetic targets for critical illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, auto-immune diseases, and fibrosis. As a growing business with over 100 experienced employees, it quickly realized that it needed to have a more integrated data processing system across its multiple laboratories.

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Achieving User Buy-In

To support its ambitions, Inventiva looked to IDBS for a platform that would increase collaboration between its Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK) labs. It selected IDBS’ E-WorkBook Suite as its electronic laboratory notebook across its in vitro, in vivo and bioanalytics laboratories, from the bench to the result database.

Ahead of the implementation, Inventiva spent time to define its exact requirements and objectives for the project roll out. It conducted an in-depth review of its processes to identify major areas for improvement.

“We were looking to streamline our processes and help us work smarter. We wanted to deliver continuous improvement across our research and business processes. Our aim was to increase data quality and efficiency across our entire operations,” said Olivier Lacombe, Head of Pharmacokinetics at Inventiva.

After just a few short weeks of using E-WorkBook, technicians were very positive about the changes. Their endorsement was critical to the widespread adoption of the software. Olivier adds: “User buy-in was key to the success of the deployment. We generated a positive dynamic within the labs thanks to the E-WorkBook Suite; this was evidenced from additional requests for additional protocol implementations.”

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Collaboration Results in Success

The project was successfully completed within time and budget as a result of the great working relationship between the Inventiva and IDBS teams. With E-WorkBook, Inventiva has been able to create links between labs as part of a more collaborative approach to its research efforts. It adapted existing protocols and automated workflows for faster experiment preparation and execution while improving data quality.

IDBS’ E-WorkBook enables Olivier Lacombe and his colleagues to reduce the overall experiment time: “We have dramatically speeded up our data processing, achieved process standardization and gained solid benefits on quality aspects.” With E-WorkBook Suite, Inventiva can anticipate productivity gains of more than 20% compared to a manual process.

“Users got quickly adjusted to the new software and lab technicians confirm that E-WorkBook Suite is responding to their processes and needs. We are able to increase our level of activity and service to our clients whilst developing new partnerships,” said Olivier Lacombe.

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The Future of Drug Discovery

As part of next steps, Inventiva is planning further research automation across the firm by leveraging E-WorkBook Suite.

This continuous transformational journey will also see Inventiva further improve the process time from the execution of an experiment in the lab to a validated and formatted report.

“IDBS has given us the tools to conduct our work in a more centralized and collaborative way. We are spending less time on administration and data management, and can focus on quality, results and science,” said Olivier Lacombe.

“From the pre-project to the solution delivery our entire experience with IDBS has been collaborative and very positive. It has enabled our laboratories to improve our entire DMPK process quality with more accurate results.”
Olivier Lacombe, PhD, Head of Pharmacokinetics, Inventiva

Key Benefits

  • Better laboratory collaboration and improved data quality
  • Optimizing business processes through centralization and standardization
  • Automation for faster experiment preparation and approvals

About Inventiva

Inventiva is a drug-discovery company specializing in research partnerships with pharmaceutical firms in diverse therapeutic areas such as Parkinson’s disease, immuno-inflammatory disorders, fibrosis and cancer. Inventiva advances research programs to preclinical stage by leveraging its long-standing expertise in nuclear receptors, transcription factors and epigenetics. Inventiva has more than 100 employees located in its research center based at Daix, near Dijon (France).

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