Genmab Uses ActivityBase XE to Analyze Results from its Discovery Activities, Accelerating Research into Cancer, Inflammatory Conditions and Infectious Diseases

ActivityBase XE handles the design, capture, storage and retrieval of plate-based screening data. Using new multiple curve fitting functionality and visualization tools, scientists and researchers can view data from many different perspectives. By creating a more complete view of the data, ActivityBase XE allows users to detect patterns and trends in results that may not have otherwise been visible. Using ActivityBase XE, users can identify and fix potential issues in the data in a quick and efficient manner.

Business Profile

Genmab is a leading biotechnology company dedicated to creating and developing human antibodies to help people suffering from life-threatening and debilitating diseases. Their goal is to serve patients in need of new types of therapy and to build a business that maximizes value for patients and shareholders.


  • Using unique antibody technology to target specific antigens involved in the pathology of disease, Genmab needed a solution to capture, validate and visualize screening data for monoclonal antibody-based products for the treatment of cancer
  • Flexible data management was required to manage plate-based serum, and primary and secondary screening assays, to test antibodies for their specificity and functional characteristics
  • Scientists needed to be able to compile graphical information and perform trend analysis on their data, with the aim to find a disease target that can be reproduced in large quantities as needed


  • Genmab has implemented ActivityBase XE to help scientists detect subjects that are producing antibodies with the desired characteristics
  • The solution’s trend analysis and visualization capabilities ensure that scientists can identify patterns of behavior within and across plates, determine the quality of the screen and select hits for the next screen
  • ActivityBase XE uses assay results to determine the IC50/EC50 values for samples. The solution’s curve fitting functionality ensures analysis and reporting of data is more efficient and less error prone


  • Data is transparent across screens and can be accessed and retrieved at any stage for reference and further analysis.
  • With reliable and repeatable data capture, process and analysis, ActivityBase XE speeds up results generation and significantly improves data accuracy, quality and workflow efficiency
  • All screening data is captured and stored in one accessible location, which provides context around the antibody discovery department’s screening results, accelerating research into therapeutics with great efficacy and tolerability
  • IDBS’ solution can accommodate a wide range of screening methodologies, offering Genmab the flexibility it needs to meet its antibody discovery data requirements

“The introduction of ActivityBase XE into our Hybridoma Discovery department has significantly improved the efficiency of our human antibody screening campaigns. The flexibility inherent within the ActivityBase XE module enables us to use both Excel and non-Excel templates in our analysis. Providing a context around the screening results has promoted a better understanding and enhanced decision-making.”

Arnout Gerritsen,
Sr. Manager of Lead Identification, Genmab