IDBS Translational Sciences R&D Solutions

Harness the power of omics data to your advantage

Turn the rapid growth of omics data to your advantage within the context of clinical trial, preclinical and public research data.

With IDBS you can improve data management and integration from many resources, streamline data capture and reporting, and enhance phenotypic and genotypic annotations – all in a secured audited environment.

Examining DNA data

Advanced features, outstanding experience

IDBS has 25 years’ experience working with large pharmaceutical and biotech companies, academic universities and research institutes, medical centers, and diagnostic labs.

The result? We fully understand the challenge of managing the explosion in omics data of recent years, alongside subject and sample information to turn this data to your advantage in the translational sciences.

Advanced features include large omics data file management (including Next Generation Sequencing and Copy Number Variation data), metadata indexing and explore, compliant data analysis, result management and association with source files, and phenotypic and genotypic data integration.

In addition, IDBS enables data security, audit trail, and structured search capabilities. This provides complete intellectual property (IP) capture, data provenance and genealogy of your information.

  • Increase research efficiency by supporting all types of omics data, streamlined statistical analysis and visualization with complete workflow control in a context rich environment
  • Improve stratification as well as biomarker identification in translational research by integrating omics data with clinical or other phenotype data
  • Save data storage resources and data transfer time with better data management and sharing
  • Enhance data quality, using ontologies to provide better insights
  • Manage and integrate with tranSMART to provide pre-competitive hypothesis capture
  • Facilitate collaboration, externalization, secure discoveries