IDBS Chemical Sciences R&D Solutions

Stay at the cutting-edge of chemical science in today’s fast moving, complex research environment

IDBS enables teams to simplify experimental design of synthesis and formulation studies and remain at the forefront of their research area.

Advanced features include detailed experiment planning based on advanced stoichiometry functions.

Chemical test tubes

Simple to use, easy to manage

Data capture also takes a step forward thanks to configurable templates for the structured layout of experiment data.

This versatile and open approach means that research teams can enter chemical structures and reactions using industry standard tools, retrieved from corporate compound repositories or from online content such as ChemSpider.

It’s also simple to use. Any analytical or supporting data file can be added easily into your experiment write up, using drag-and-drop.

  • Accelerate research and development (R&D) efforts by efficiently capturing experimental and supporting data
  • Save time by eliminating duplication of effort
  • Improve productivity by collaborating with colleagues and other research groups
  • Easily create reports to perform trend analysis of experiments