IDBS Bioanalysis R&D Software Solutions

A workflow execution system for bioanalysis

Whether you work with small or large molecules; in a regulated or non-regulated environment; or whether you’re a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company or a CRO, E-WorkBook for Bioanalysis delivers results that impact your bottom-line.

Built on a set of bioanalytical workflows that incorporate best practices, E-WorkBook helps you go beyond creating a digital version of your paper records. It can revolutionize the way you run your bioanalysis operations. Sitting at the heart of your lab ecosystem, E-WorkBook can integrate with and ‘pull’ data from LIMS, balance instruments, metrology systems, ERP systems and document management systems. This single portal approach enables you to simplify the management of your bioanalysis operations, improving your project planning and scheduling capabilities. 

Liquid inserted into test tube

Embed quality and compliance across your bioanalysis operations

E-WorkBook provides full traceability across your material (reagent, matrix, or analyte solution) inventory and even tracks sub-aliquot genealogies. Each bionalysis workflow incorporates business rules to manage deviations and ensure compliance. Thanks to their flexibility, the same workflows can be also be used in non-GLP environments with limited compliance overhead.

Eliminate QC burden by adopting ‘Audit by Exception’

Our research indicates that between 10-30% of total study time involve QC tasks. E-WorkBook for Bioanalysis offers exception management so your QC team can audit studies remotely and in real-time, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to create a study report.

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