Business Consulting Services

Aligning strategy with operations and becoming a lean R&D organization

A lack of insight into the current, ‘as-is’ state of operations is a common obstacle to the successful deployment or implementation of new software. Without truly knowing what’s happening at both an individual workflow and the macro-process level, change advocates can struggle to build a business case and organizations can miss out on the full benefits of newly implemented software.

Strategic Consulting inline

Your process optimization challenges

You might face a number of challenges and obstacles including:

  • Building a robust case for business change, such as going paperless
  • Tangible and quantifiable improvements in productivity and quality need to be made
  • Lack of access to existing data prevents you from seeing the bigger picture and understanding existing processes
  • Existing process mapping doesn’t match operational reality, or isn’t easy to understand for all stakeholders

IDBS business consulting helps you gain greater insight into your operations

Our solution involves the following steps:

  • Process analysis including the mapping of ‘as is’ and desired, ‘to be’ processes and the identification and quantification of expected improvements e.g. time savings, error reductions, data quality
  • Project scoping / requirements analysis – so you can focus resources and identify priorities
  • Business case support – using the results of the process analysis, we can help you develop a robust and defensible business case and ROI
  • Deliver business transformation – we give you tools and know-how to continue to optimize workflows in the future, across your organization

The end result is a clear, understandable and actionable roadmap that aligns your organizational operations with your strategy. Equally as important, the consulting journey helps you to challenge old assumptions, gain greater insight into your processes and identify further opportunities for optimization.