XLfit Scientific Curve Fitting

The only scientific curve fitting add-in for
Microsoft Excel

Unique, powerful and fast. XLfit is used by scientists all over the world for a variety of ground-breaking applications, from analyzing road safety data to developing reliable power sources for deep space missions.

XLfit integrates completely with Microsoft® Excel to deliver intuitive curve fitting and powerful statistical analysis that enables you to visualize, interpret and present scientific data.

As well as providing mathematical models and techniques such as three-dimensional modeling, global fitting and automatic outlier detection, XLfit also offers rapid interactive chart building that enables you see your data in both 2D and 3D representations.

Scientist using microscope for analysis

Fast, flexible, quality assured

It’s also fast. You can visualize curve fits applied to data with fully interactive chart previews in a matter of seconds.

Flexibility is second to none. XLfit supports 'point-and-click' chart building and editing and export of charts as editable 'objects' into other Microsoft Office applications for display, manipulation and editing.

In addition, numerical validation from the UK National Physical Laboratory (NPL) means that company statisticians can validate XLfit faster than other statistical packages.

  • Accelerate research with fast, validatable non-linear regression features in Microsoft Excel
  • Add your own fit models without programming
  • Identify outliers in your datasets, using optional, built-in, statistically based algorithms
  • Create reports for your fitting process, and even copy and paste interactive charts into other Office documents

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Technical Description
  • Full Excel integration, making it the only application of its kind to provide powerful curve fitting and statistical analysis from within the Microsoft Excel environment
  • Interactive chart types enable you to edit charts using easily accessible context-sensitive menus and instantly preview changes before applying them to the worksheet
  • Quality assured based on independent validation by the UK National Physical Laboratory
  • Complete mathematical toolbox comprising a comprehensive library of models
  • Includes 3D models such as those used for Schild analysis, that support rapid result generation, global fitting, automatic outlier rejection, and knock in/knock out functionality
  • Easy migration, as the latest version of XLfit is backwards compatible with XLfit version 4, enabling easy individual or batch workbook migration