IDBS E-WorkBook Software for Lab Inventory Management

E-WorkBook Inventory is a simple-to-use solution which allows you to seamlessly manage all of your laboratory inventory needs in one place, helping you save time and boost productivity.

Our laboratory inventory management software lets you record your lab equipment, materials and samples, and manage the locations where they’re stored. With a modern web-based user interface, the solution makes it easy to register new inventory information and features time-saving search functionality ensuring inventory can be tracked and reviewed quickly and efficiently.

As a fully integrated out-of-the-box E‑WorkBook module, E-WorkBook Inventory simplifies your lab management and sample management processes, meaning you can record experiments faster, improve traceability of inventory usage and reinforce compliance.

E-WorkBook Inventory

E‑WorkBook Module for Lab Inventory Management


E-WorkBook Inventory provides scientists with a single environment for managing lab inventory.

The solution’s web-based interface provides accessibility both in and out of the lab.

Integrated into the E-WorkBook platform, the system includes barcode scanning technology, reducing the risk of data transcription errors.


E-WorkBook Inventory helps you to control costs by improving the viability of your on-hand inventory, boosting compliance, reducing errors and strengthening lab safety.

By simplifying lab inventory management, E-WorkBook Inventory gives time back to researchers, allowing them to focus on innovation and doing what they do best – science.


E-WorkBook Inventory records contextual inventory information, so data becomes even more valuable – increasing the opportunities for data-driven discoveries and insights, providing better value on R&D spend.

Integrated into the E-WorkBook Platform, it helps simplify the R&D Landscape by providing a single environment for your lab inventory needs.


With E‑WorkBook Inventory, you’re able to automatically capture inventory details within experiments by simply scanning a barcode. This eliminates transcription errors and ensures visibility of all details at time of use.

The system creates and captures usage logs as you use inventory, making it easier to trace and audit use and improving lab visibility. This reporting facility also means you’re able to make sure you have the right level of inventory available to comply with safety regulations and easily find expired solution and dispose of it.

E-WorkBook Inventory provides lab inventory management out of the box, making the system quick to deploy – which means you can achieve a faster ROI. By providing a single location for all of you laboratory inventory management, E-WorkBook Inventory reduces your training burden and reduced the number of systems you need to operate and maintain.

E-WorkBook Inventory extends the E-WorkBook Platform in a way which provides organizations more options when considering the capabilities they need, enabling them to avoid implementing disparate systems such as Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).