E‑WorkBook Chemistry ELN: Reporting & Collaborating Software for Chemistry

R&D data management for Chemistry

The E-WorkBook Chemistry ELN product provides a simple and intuitive interface that supports comprehensive workflows for organic chemists. Built upon the E-WorkBook foundation, the platform provides robust integrations with your existing systems, support for externalized research partnerships, and uses industry-leading technology from ChemAxon for molecular representation and indexing.

E-WorkBook for Chemistry has been completely re-designed for the web, by chemists who understand the pressure of working in a research laboratory. By making the product ergonomic and user friendly, we can help you do your job faster. Throughout the design process we have sought independent guidance and review from top R&D organizations to keep us on track to deliver a product you want.

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The chemical landscape is broad, and encompasses many diverse industries across petrochemicals, industrial chemicals, FMCG, pharmaceutical and agrochemicals. Chemists in each industry have different requirements, and the chemically-enabled E-WorkBook platform supports the demands for each market vertical. We work in partnership with ChemAxon to ensure we use market-leading chemical and biological representations from these domains.

E-WorkBook for Chemistry

Quickly design your experimental reactions, look up reagents from local and online inventory sources, record your observations and register your molecule using standardized interfaces.

E-WorkBook for Chemistry

Our strategic partnership with ChemAxon provides access to world leading representation of chemical and biological molecules, naming, property prediction and more.

E-WorkBook for Chemistry

Reduce the barriers to user adoption by giving your chemists access to an intelligent software solution that is easily integrated to your research IT environment.

The future of laboratory informatics is simplicity. We recognize that the modern, integrated R&D environment requires transfer of data to and from systems such as inventory, registration, compliance checking, naming & SAR (amongst others), which is why we developed standardized interfaces for the end user with robust API’s on the back end. Performance is key, and the advantage of building from scratch is that we can make use of new technology that is optimized for performance. Integrations to other third-party tools are important e.g. for analytical spectral rendering and it’s a key part of the experimental report.

Many researchers also make use of external collaborators, and we’re integrating E-WorkBook Chemistry with our Connect product, to promote innovation by creating a secure mechanism for data transfer between your partners and to retain intellectual capital.

Technical Description

  • Embedded ChemAxon MarvinJS and JChem technology for diverse molecule representation and searching.
  • Ability to enter single molecules or reactions into an experiment, with full chemical reaction support
  • Ability to calculate the quantities of reagents required to perform the reaction, using equivalents based on mass, volume, density or concentration.
  • Ability to retrospectively calculate the quantities of reactants required based on the desired quantity and expected yield of the product.
  • Rapid write-up of the experimental procedure, automatically creating text references to the components of the stoichiometry table
  • Look up Interface to configured inventory sources such as web services, *.csv, *.sdf files or database tables
  • Registration Interface to a configured ChemAxon Registration system