IDBS E‑WorkBook: Reporting & Collaborating Data Software for Chemistry

Flexible chemistry data management

Capturing, searching and analyzing all experimental data from many sources requires a scalable and secure informatics environment. And whether your business is pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, fine chemistry, or a related industry, E-WorkBook empowers chemists and engineers to design and test products in an easy-to-use, fully integrated platform. By combining industry-leading planning tools with a flexible data model for capturing documents, images, reactions, and context-searchable test results, E-WorkBook delivers an ideal enterprise-wide solution to accelerate product R&D and promote collaboration across business units.

Simplicity in complex chemistry data analytics

E-WorkBook turns data into insights. Cut through complex workflows and tap into the full power of your amassed data. Retrieve and assess relevant test results, reaction parameters and other information simply by using specific keywords or chemical structures. Simplicity doesn’t mean you need to compromise on detail; you can generate in-depth reports quickly using pre-defined templates with flexible search parameters.


Integrated structural chemistry data searching

ChemAxon’s indexing technology is also integrated into E-WorkBook and stores all structural chemistry data, making it searchable across the platform while the ChemAxon Parallel Synthesis module add-on defines generic reactions and sets of reactants to enumerate products, reactions and stoichiometry details.  And thanks to E-WorkBook’s flexibility, you can work with industry-standard, third-party drawing tools, including ChemDraw, Accelrys Draw and Marvin Sketch.

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Technical Description
  • View structural features of chemically relevant molecules
  • Capture associated data such as spectra
  • Mine experimental data to identify statistical trends across projects, and achieve more in-depth analysis of experimental results relating to yield, purity or reaction conditions that produce an optimum result
  • Improve decision-making and business efficiency using E-WorkBook’s comprehensive searching and reporting capabilities to combine chemical information with all research and development knowledge