IDBS E-WorkBook Connect for External Scientific R&D Collaboration

E-WorkBook Connect

Managing your collaborative relationships

When it comes to managing externalized research workflows and data, you need the right collaboration software to be successful. A unique combination of capabilities covering scientific task management, research content submission and review, and communication makes the E-WorkBook Connect module your perfect partner.

This new E-WorkBook module, designed specifically for collaborative working in science and engineering, couldn’t be easier to use. With minimal training, empowered end-users can set up and run new collaboration projects with partners. And because it’s cloud-based, this external collaboration management tool is cost effective to deploy and maintain with nothing to install or upgrade.

Placing you in control of your intellectual property

As an add-on to E-WorkBook, Connect allows you to isolate your internal systems of record while still being able to feed data from third-party collaborators back into corporate systems. This not only protects your IP but also saves time and cuts back on errors compared to traditional methods of transferring external research data.