IDBS E-WorkBook for Scientific R&D Data Management

A single source of truth, for all stakeholders 

Today’s research and development (R&D) professional is under pressure. Cost considerations and the need to turn data insights into innovative products on the market quicker have upped the stakes. New, collaborative ways of working present opportunities as well as risks, while mobility adds a new dimension to lab informatics. The result is that an organization’s intellectual property (IP) has never been more valuable.

We’ve developed the E-WorkBook platform of products to make it easier for you to collaborate and share data with your internal and external stakeholders, breaking down data silos to drive better decision-making and bring products to market faster. It creates a secure and searchable environment for managing IP, driving the transfer of knowledge and promoting innovation across an organization.

 Data reporting in laboratory

Flexible, scalable, powerful

With the power and performance you’d expect and the flexibility and cost-effective deployment that comes from a web-enabled product, E-WorkBook adapts to your needs. With both desktop and web versions of our cutting-edge spreadsheet technology available, you can manage and scale deployments to support your organization and your ambitions.

And, as well as designing your own solutions, we’ve also created complete packages in analytical sciences; biological sciences; chemical sciences; pharmacology and preclinical sciences; and translational sciences to get you up and running faster and start creating value.

Technical Description
  • Scalable system backed by Oracle, capable of supporting a large user base across a global WAN
  • Easily configurable data and security model
  • Integrated dictionary for system-wide taxonomy and master data management
  • Web browser interface supports Windows and Apple OSX operating systems
  • Full version history and audit logging
  • Supports LDAP and a variety of digital identity and signature platforms
  • Can meet 21 CFR Part 11, GLP and GMP compliance standards
  • Integration with industry standard informatics systems
  • Comprehensive library of web services and extension points (APIs) for system integration or feature extension