IDBS ActivityBase XE Screening Data Software

Ultra-high performance screening capacity and flexible data visualization in a single working environment

Data at your fingertips. Instant access to historical results and analysis. Consistent, scientifically based decisions about your data. Using an application specifically designed for plate-based screening, the XE module for ActivityBase enables researchers to streamline workflows and increase productivity by capturing, visualizing, analyzing, quality checking and verifying screening data – all within the same environment.

Teams can explore results and identify any data quality issues immediately, and easily mark the data with comments or simply remove them from further calculations.

Visualizing and analyzing data

Higher quality results with curve fitting

XE also puts the power of curve fitting at your fingertips. Researchers can even apply IRLS weighting to curve fits which in most cases provide better, higher quality results.

In addition, researchers can encapsulate and share data analysis methods with any other scientist using XE – for example, between research partners or contract research organizations (CROs) – thanks to built-in, context sensitive ‘Instruction Sheets’ and simple export-import features.

  • Enhance high throughput screening thanks to highly flexible design of experimental data analysis methods
  • Visualize using outstanding and reliable curve fitting to data through powerful math functionality
  • Manage data instantly by editing in real time or capturing and analyzing as batch data in one run
  • Perform multiple assays on the same plate, such as single-point primary screens and dose response secondary screens, through 'free-form' plate flexibility
  • Increase accuracy by automatically excluding sample plates based on an association with a failed QC plate, or on criteria such as z-prime outside a predefined range
Technical Description
  • Compatible with all assay types and technologies including single point, dose response, pA2, ELISA, FLIPR, HTRF, and SPR
  • User configurable views and layouts
  • Numerous screening specific views and charts
  • Extensive math and statistics functions that can be extended
  • Application workflow for result verification/rejection/recalculation
  • Business rule engine for quality control, curve fitting
  • Real-time data analysis