IDBS ActivityBase SARview Reporting Suite

Improve the efficiency of your lead optimization programs based on faster access to actionable information

Reporting is central to small molecule discovery. But all too often it can take hours, or even days, to prepare for a critical meeting or respond to the request of your lead optimization program team. With ActivityBase SARview Suite, you can generate a report in seconds that always contains the latest and most important results, together with essential chemical structures.


Dynamic, interactive SAR reporting

Comprising SARgen and SARview, the Suite delivers dynamic, interactive SAR reports that facilitate the investigation of relationships between biological activity and chemical structure in a single live format.

This includes simple and intuitive drag-and-drop reporting using dynamic pivoting and flexible data visualization that delivers powerful SAR analysis to the desktop.

As a result, research teams can significantly improve the efficiency of their lead optimization programs based on faster access to actionable information that is up to date and available whenever it is needed.

  • Simplify publication of configurable reports that provide a personalized view of project data
  • Speed up search with easy to use tools that accommodate both simple and complex queries
  • Maximize data value by combining data from many sources, including ActivityBase databases, non-IDBS data sources and third-party data warehouses
  • Collaborate more effectively thanks to communication, information sharing and decision support for all scientists across a project, department or organization
  • Built-in result aggregation and statistics, allowing you to identify retests/confirmation studies for replicate results
Technical Description
  • Create complex queries without technical knowledge
  • Apply filters to query results once they have been retrieved
  • Design a report format that works for you - three different styles available
  • Export reports to other file formats
  • Chemical awareness built-in
  • Visualize data with integrated SmartViz application¬†