IDBS ActivityBase for Chemistry and Drug Discovery R&D

Query, examine and challenge biological data

The main advantage for drug discovery? Make better decisions faster.

ActivityBase for Chemistry enables you to do just that. Specifically designed to support small molecule discovery it integrates chemical data with your biological assay results, putting actionable data at the fingertips of your program teams.

Chemical atom structure

Collaborate faster, increase productivity

Providing a reliable, scalable and high quality web-based compound registration system, ActivityBase for Chemistry enables single compound and SD file registration and a complete chemistry environment where researchers can query, examine and challenge biological data.

Organizations that externalize chemistry synthesis can work more closely with research partners, enabling them to register the compounds they make via a web-based client.

In addition, scientists can improve productivity across multiple departments by combining all research including that from third-party sources.

  • Achieve better, faster lead generation through extensive structure searching options
  • Structure searching including substructure, superstructure, exact match and similarity, and a stereochemistry representation system
  • Display and manipulate compound properties in two- or three- dimensional representations
  • Import and export data to standard file formats such as SD and MOL files
  • Maximize ability to identify important SAR as soon as biological or assay results become available in the system
Technical Description
  • Integrate with existing chemistry systems
  • Operate with common desktop chemistry drawing tools
  • Customize with chemistry viewing and manipulation forms including ‘compound profile’ tables with assay data
  • Collaborate using web-based chemical registration – for external or internal use
  • Perform structure-based queries using included Reporter application