IDBS ActivityBase for Screening Data Management

The reliable solution for screening data management. From Low Throughput to High throughput, and from Target to Phenotypic High Content Screening assays.

How do you manage screening assay data effectively, accelerate decisions and get reliable results quickly to those who need it?

ActivityBase provides end–to-end screening data management software for an entire assay, from compound registration through to high-throughput screening analysis (HTS) for a wide variety of traditional and modern assay formats. ActivityBase comes with tools for managing testable entities, automated analysis and reporting tools out of the box.

A comprehensive screening data management solution, ActivityBase enables your entire screening workflow to be managed from a single system.

A comprehensive screening data management solution, ActivityBase enables your entire screening workflow to be managed from a single system. The ActivityBase software provides support for:

  • Low throughput screening. From a single compound to a small number of microtiter plates.
  • High throughput screening. Automated assay analysis, start and walk away.
  • High content screening (HCS). Built in support for Columbus™, HCS Studio™, HCS Store™ and In Cell™.
  • Externalized screening & Collaborative screening. One click analysis template export and screening data import.

Used by leading companies in pharmaceuticals, agricultural sciences, cosmetics and by contract research organizations (CRO’s) and academic researchers worldwide, ActivityBase provides a feature rich and flexible screening platform for all needs.

Assay Data Management

Scientific rigor that adapts to your business

Everything is covered. From sample and plate registration, to raw data file capture, analysis and derivation of results – ActivityBase provides everything you require.

ActivityBase also adapts easily to your specific goals. For CROs, pharmaceutical companies, small biotechs or academic screening facilities, ActivityBase helps enforce the scientific rigor for plate-based screening, while integrating with existing scientific workflows and informatics environments.

  • Streamline screening data capture and analysis in a single, scalable, secure solution
  • Enforce result quality control across your portfolio of assays, including pharmacological standards
  • Improve reproducibility and result comparability by reporting on both operational metrics and results across research programs or assays
  • Increase visibility of critical information – what was tested, when, who tested it, and the results
  • Share your results with collaborators and partners
Technical Description
  • Supports registration of any testable samples – regardless of type
  • Supports sample libraries, sample lists and sample mixtures
  • Supports the definition of any container type dimensions, whether flasks or high density microtiter plates
  • Supports the standardization of assay protocols, including the data analysis methods employed
  • Powerful scientific data analysis engine for statistics and non-linear regression analysis
  • Suitable for all biochemical, cell-based and label free assay technologies, including multiparametric results
  • Supports sample, container and result genealogy
  • Offers scalable deployment options for both small and large organizations
  • Provides optimized and even automated options for outsourcing and CRO scenarios