Paperless Lab Academy 2017

2020 Roadmap for Digital Convergence

IDBS will have a booth and be running a workshop at 2017's Paperless Lab Academy in Barcelona.

The workshop content is as follows.

Lessons learned and things to remember when migrating from On premise to Cloud.

Many companies are migrating their on premise IT infrastructures to the cloud, to take advantage of lower costs and better overall support. This journey, however, is not as simple as flicking a switch and everything is there. Many factors impact the speed and stages that a migration should go through. They include, but are not limited to:

  • application design and support for web
  • validation of systems
  • integrations to other cloud and on premise system
  • security of communications, data and users
  • IT policies 
  • IP policies

We will go over how a number of these hurdles can be identified and managed, using various use cases of IDBS moving customers from on prem to The Cloud.
Session Learnings

  • What are the starting list of barriers and solutions when moving to IT systems
  • Using case studies see how others have accomplished the move
  • An opportunity to discuss real world issues with your peers.

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