European Bioanalysis Forum

November 16-18, 2016

Hesperia Tower Conference Centre, Barcelona

Booth number: B2

Dr. Rajarao will demonstrate how E-WorkBook for Bioanalysis can meet your small and large molecule assay needs. The suite of flexible workflows can be configured to meet the specifications of your bioanalytical method and then locked down to ensure compliance:

  • Eliminate re-work and transcription errors
  • Manage instrument calibration records
  • Integrate with LIMS and Instrument software
  • Control your reagent and material inventory
  • Deliver ‘right first time’ quality across your bioanalytical studies

 Reasons why you should stop by and say “hello” at EBF Barcelona:

  1. Discuss how GLP labs ranging from 30 – 300 bioanalytical scientists are using E-WorkBook for Bioanalysis
  2. Hear feedback shared by regulators that have audited studies wholly contained within E-WorkBook
  3. How can you reduce your study turn-around time by 50%?
  4. Avoid excess inventory and material waste
  5. Why an ELN is different from a Lab Execution System
  6. How IDBS manages regulated BA studies in biopharma and CRO labs since 2008

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