3 reasons why your organization should have an Integrated Pharmaceutical Development Platform

Developing new products is a complex, costly and time-consuming process requiring access to reliable process data and cross-department collaboration. The estimated cost of a typical development run is in excess of $150,000, meaning it is imperative the entire process is captured reliably and efficiently to avoid unnecessary wastage and repeated work.
In this webinar you will learn how:

1. The IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud enables organizations to harmonize lab execution and streamline quality assurance

2. You can eliminate an estimated 5-8 hours of non-value-added effort per scientist, per week, by capturing the entire development process in E-WorkBook

3. You can apply Quality by Design approaches, support electronic submissions and accelerate transfer of processes into manufacturing, with an Integrated Development Platform in the Cloud
You should attend this webinar if you are:
- looking to harmonize lab execution and streamline quality assurance
- A scientist looking to save 5-8 hours of non value added effort during your week
- A VP of R&D looking to accelerate transfer of processes into manufacturing

Find out how IDBS can help you transform inefficient, unconnected processes to optimized, compliant, fully electronic data management for better process insight and decision making. Sign up for this interactive webinar now.

Presenter: Jamie Bellamy, Principal Solutions Consultant, IDBS