Bioanalysis – driving throughput efficiency and reducing the compliance burden

The field of Bioanalysis, the measurement of drug substance in body fluids, is a critical component of the drug development lifecycle. The field is rapidly evolving as biopharmaceutical companies and their contract research partners strive to improve patient outcomes and bring new therapies to patients; whose sense of urgency is well served by innovative approaches such as large molecule therapeutics, earlier correlation of efficacy with biomarkers and maintaining continuity between the lab and the clinic. IDBS customers in bioanalytical depend on E-WorkBook and our industry know-how to deliver on these challenges.

Over the past 6 years, IDBS has partnered with global biopharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations (CROs) to establish software solutions and best practice workflows that help them overcome the mounting pressures of bioanalytical study execution.

Dr. Joe Rajarao, Client Engagement Manager at IDBS, discusses how 
E-WorkBook can transform your bioanalytical laboratory. Joe will focus on how IDBS solutions help close the gap between operational excellence (efficiency) and quality assurance (compliance) by drawing on a combination of customer-focused business case studies and ongoing industry collaboration.

Presenter: Joe Rajarao, Client Engagement Manager, IDBS.