Streamlining Drug Metabolism Studies

Getting through the stages efficiently and with good consistent data that make progression decisions more robust

The ability to efficiently characterize the metabolic profile of compounds at an early stage of development has become a critical part the drug optimization & selection process. Predictive in-vitro assays have become an essential part of the modern screening battery for early stage NCEs. The ability to efficiently plan, execute and report metabolism assay data can have a significant impact on both the quantity and quality of late stage drug candidates.

This webinar discusses how E-WorkBook can help address the challenges in establishing an efficient drug metabolism screening program:

• Managing assay requests
• Providing standardized templates for study design and data capture for common assays such as CYP inhibition and Microsomal Stability
• Quickly analyzing instrument data
• Generating standardized reports 
• Creating a searchable repository of metabolic profile and pathway data 
• Automating data publication to external systems (e.g. LIMs and Data Warehouses)

Presenter: Dr. Scott Weiss, Senior Director of Product Management, IDBS