Achieving data driven decisions: the importance of an integrated platform with inventory management

Advantage of using an integrated lab management solution for integrated laboratory processes – sample registration to testing

As scientific organizations tackle the ever increasing volume and complexity of data generated it is unsurprising they looked to IT data management solutions such as LIMS and ELNs to help. This often leads to disparate IT solutions for managing integrated laboratory processes such as sample management, testing and experiment execution.

In order to make better-informed, data-driven decisions it is vital that the data exchange between these systems is efficient, however, integrating data silos is often costly and in some cases hinders content enrichment.

The IDBS Platform provides a fully integrated solution for managing laboratory processes from sample registration to test execution. This webinar will discuss the advantages of an integrated platform and review the integrated sample management and workflow execution capabilities provided by the E-WorkBook and Inventory components of the IDBS platform.

Presenter: Rory Quinn, Product Manager, IDBS