Supporting In Vivo and In Vitro Pharmacology scientists

More often than not, data is held in Excel and is not easily accessible for study reporting and aggregation with other data from PK and Formulations. Often, data is manually transcribed from instrument outputs and other applications used to do fitting and data analysis, contributing to loss of time and increasing the risk of transcription errors.

Furthermore, adaptions and changing the study design during experiment execution can result in the reworking of data collection tools and cause difficulty when standardizing approaches. All of these bottlenecks and non-value-add tasks detract from a scientist’s ability to do science and a business’s ability to make effective and quick decisions.

In this webinar we explain:

  • How to overcome data management and process bottlenecks
  • Highlight our learnings for effective deploypment of data management and study management solutions to Pharmacology business units.
  • Share key customer sucess stories within Pharmacology.

Presenter: Graham Sanger, European Solutions Consulting Manager, IDBS