Preclinical development in the current Pharmaceutical space

Identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement across Pharmacology, Drug Metabolism, PK, Bioanalysis and Formulations

Capturing and managing that all-important data to make PK/PD analysis,               in-vitro/in-vivo analysis and study reporting on demand whilst providing tangible benefits to each domain. 

IDBS has been delivering solutions into the preclinical development space for many years now. All of these solutions have delivered significant value to both the end user scientists and the organizations that employ them. The benefits come by increasing the time scientists can do their science by removing or drastically minimising non value add tasks – copy and pasting data from one application to another, writing reports, aggregating data from different studies etc. The business value to the organization is the greater opportunity to do more and improve the collaboration between the different business areas. 

In this webinar we go into the detail of the areas IDBS has extensive experience in delivering informatics solutions whether that be in in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacology, drug metabolism, PK, bioanalysis or formulations. The first in the series explores the basic domain and cross domain processes that exist. We take look at how a data value chain is required to deliver not only the ‘in domain’ benefits to your specific functional area but also the ‘cross domain’ benefits of how the communication and knowledge transfer between departments can help. We will also delve into the changing business climate in pharmaceutical preclinical development and discuss the implications of externalization on the work processes and demands for robust data and study collaboration tools.

Presented by Dr. Paul Denny-Gouldson, VP Strategic Solutions, IDBS