Meet E-WorkBook 10.1 - R&D Informatics Made Simple

The world’s best enterprise informatics system for scientific R&D just got better

E-WorkBook 10 is the latest incarnation of the world’s leading platform for scientific R&D. Available for deployment as SaaS or on-premise installations, E-WorkBook facilitates collaboration, streamlines business processes and securely manages intellectual property to help organizations innovate and bring products to market faster. 

Watch this webinar and discover the features and benefits of the latest release including:

  • Improved connectivity to laboratory instruments and other data systems to make system integration simpler 
  • Support for working with chemical structures and reactions entirely within a web browser 
  • A redesigned search interface that is both more powerful and easier to use, to enable end users to unlock data insights and quickly share key content and findings

This webinar also gives an overview of our plans for 2016, including upcoming E-WorkBook releases as well as new modules available to expand the capability of the core system to better support B2B collaboration, inventory and sample management and enterprise searching.


Scott Weiss, Senior Director of Product Management, IDBS

Jarrod Medeiros, Product Manager, E-WorkBook, IDBS