Meet E-WorkBook Inventory

Learn how you can better manage resources and lab time while boosting compliance through improved laboratory inventory management

Inventory lies at the heart of the modern lab and often underpins the innovative work performed by the scientists. It can also represents one of the highest costs for any organization. 

Alongside the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining inventory, organizations can often face a number of hidden costs that stem from poor inventory management. We will take a look at the source of these costs and why the current status quo for managing lab inventory can fall short. 

With labs often falling back on a mix of static spreadsheets and paper processes, the data is often difficult search and maintain.  We will introduce you to a better way to manage your laboratory inventory using E‑WorkBook Inventory.

In this webinar Rory Quinn, Product Manager at IDBS, demonstrates how E‑WorkBook Inventory gives you the insight to help you control inventory costs while boosting compliance within the lab. And it doesn’t need to come with increased complexity to lab operations. Focused on being quick and easy to deploy you will see how simple it is to get up and running.  

Presented by Rory Quinn, Product Manager, IDBS