The cost of doing nothing

The hidden impact of paper-based data management on your strategic goals

Watch this webinar and learn how an electronic data management system can help you realize your organization’s strategic goals, while minimizing your exposure to the traditional risks associated with paper-based working.

Purchasing software to manage research and development may seem like something that can be put off until ‘the time is right’, but there is a very real cost to this delay.  Most consider the primary value of an electronic data system to be limited to the not-insignificant amount of staff time it saves, but a larger consideration is the impact a paper-dependent system can have on your organization’s strategic goals.

The prevalent trend in the pharmaceutical industry is to streamline operations to specific core competencies with other functions outsourced to contract research organizations.  Although managing these relationships through paper or through email can work, you leave yourself open to the potential delays of other communication methods.  Utilizing platforms such as those provided by IDBS will allow you to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues both internally and externally on your terms.  This will provide greater precision in communication and speed to market. 

Don’t miss this chance to find out how you can avoid paying the cost of doing nothing. 

Presenter: Matt Clapham, Senior Solutions Consultant, IDBS