Bring analytical data to life in your ELN

The next generation of analytical sciences informatics sees the combination of enterprise ELNs with enterprise analytical data management

How much more could you achieve if you were able to automatically collect analytical data for reporting, analysis, and decision-making?

Watch this webinar to find out how you take advantage of the integration of ACD/Labs’ Spectrus and IDBS’ E‑WorkBook 10 web technologies to search, retrieve, and interpret live analytical data from your ELN.

Referencing real-world laboratory examples and a working software environment, we’ll explore:

 •The different requirements for data viewing, manipulation and review for different organizational profiles across different market verticals

 •The impact of integrated informatics on general laboratory workflows

 •The impact of integrated informatics on IT, compliance and IP

Whether you’re in the energy; pharma & biotech; food and beverage; consumer goods; chemicals or agricultural sciences industry, don’t miss this overview of the benefits of an end-to-end analytical sciences informatics environment.