E-WorkBook: A Platform for Innovation

Our roadmap and vision for transforming R&D informatics

Catch up on this webinar and find out where we’ll be taking E-WorkBook and our plans for advances in:

  • chemistry and biologics
  • sample and inventory management
  • instrument integration
  • knowledge management.

With the release of E-WorkBook 10, we’ve made our intent clear: maintaining IDBS’ status as the market leader in delivering innovative products that drive scientific R&D.

E-WorkBook provides a seamlessly integrated, open platform that’s capable of delivering serious business value. With its redesigned user interface focused on a simplified, intuitive user experience, a modern design embracing the web and mobility, and a scalable services-oriented architecture for easy integration, IDBS continues to set the benchmark for others to follow.

Don’t miss this chance to learn how developments in our products will continue to help you collaborate easier, get your products to market quicker and gain greater insight from your data.