Bringing Single Platform Simplicity to the Bioanalytical Lab

Don’t let an electronic lab notebook (ELN) be the next stand-alone system you deploy.

Hear from Dr. Joe Rajarao as he shares his experiences of customers who’ve used E-WorkBook to overcome bottlenecks and:

  • Dramatically reduce study completion timelines
  • Mandate QC in real time, not after the fact, to boost compliance
  • Link sample preparation records to instrument calibration and reagent preparation logs
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems regardless of the technology used (LIMS, liquid handler or plate reader)
  • Manage and track reference standards and QCs across the study

Watch this webinar and find out from Dr. Joe Rajarao about his experiences in deploying IDBS Solutions across industry-leading bioanalytical labs within pharma, biotech and CRO customers exploring the needs of a GxP framework.

Presented by:

Dr. Joe Rajarao, Client Engagement Manager, IDBS