Could you transform the way you do R&D in just 5 years?

How you manage, deploy and purchase systems is set to change dramatically. Where do you stand?

It is estimated that more than 70% of software systems will be SaaS based or hosted – or both – within five years. While this has already and will continue to result in radical change, the potential benefits to your business drivers and strategic imperatives, such as internal and external collaboration, are undeniable.

Collaboration is increasingly becoming the mainstay of how organizations conduct their Research and Development (R&D). However, by its very nature, collaboration is a dynamic and can often be an unpredictable process.

To be beneficial, the IT and infrastructure that support your R&D collaborations must be equally dynamic and – above all – be simple to deliver to the network of collaborators as they are likely distributed around the globe and span multiple industry types from commercial to not-for-profit and academia.

The dramatic shift towards web-based deployment models for software seems set to continue. But they can only succeed if the software is simple, intuitive and requires little or no training for all types of users.

Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) have a strong history and track record in delivering measurable business benefits in R&D collaborations, and now with changes in technologies, are even easier to deploy. Discover how the IDBS web-based ELN, E-WorkBook Web, can deliver the right R&D collaboration solution for you.

This webinar is designed for those with an interest in improving collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in R&D and manufacturing across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, energy, engineering, food and beverage, and consumer goods.