Improving your R&D efficiency 30% by using your own data more effectively

Invest 20 minutes to find out how and save your company time and money

Every R&D organization is being challenged by cost, time-to-market and environmental pressures. These drive you to find process and innovation efficiencies everywhere you can. All R&D organizations depend upon – and generate – data. However in today’s world the ever-increasing volume and diversity of data is actually driving unnecessary inefficiency. Everyone knows this.

So what can I do to help myself and my organization?

By capturing, analyzing, securing and making available all your data in real time, high context and in one R&D information system you can dramatically improve the efficiency of researchers, groups and the whole organization.

IDBS have over 20 years experience in improving the world’s leading R&D intensive organizations through better exploitation of their own data. We help companies from cosmetics to chemicals and new fuels, high tech engineering to food and beverage.

We provide authentic enterprise R&D data systems that any researcher can use to streamline their own science while increasing organizational efficiency, competitive advantage and reducing costs.

This webinar will demonstrate how you can:

  • Improve personal productivity by digitizing your capture, analysis and storage of data
  • Make decision-making easier by providing high context information across the organization
  • Collaborate across multiple internal and external groups by searching and sharing complete R&D data in real time
  • Improve insight into your R&D process by better access to all your information
  • Secure IP without creating extra work for your researchers
  • Drive Innovation by creating expert systems

Whatever your R&D discipline we have the experience and the track record to make you and your organization better by better use of your own data. Take 20 minutes from your day to make your organization more efficient.