DMPK showcase: standardization, reporting, collaboration and increased lab capacity

We are working with leading drug companies to accelerate DMPK research and improve productivity by up to 30%. This webinar will demonstrate our experiences in this field and explain how E-WorkBook for Biology, the industry leading data management solution for small and large molecule preclinical development, helps you achieve this through:

  • Improving your laboratory capacity and assay turnaround times
    • KPI reporting to see where there are bottlenecks in the process
    • Flexible assay templates for standard methods which speed up data collection & analysis
    •  ‘One-click’ reporting of QA/QC checked result
  • Standardizing your methods & improving quality of processes across your business unit
    • Eliminate paper transcription errors
    • Reduce your QA/QC overhead
    • Track historical data to establish assay stability and quality
  • Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing
    • Quick access to data to the people that need it
  • Integrating with legacy systems such as LIMS, Nautilus and WinNonLin