Munich Special Interest Group

Join us in Munich on September 29 to discuss business transformation and migration strategy going into 2016. We will be hosting two roundtable sessions: 

Transforming your business – how to leverage new IDBS technology into 2016 and beyond

Organizations today are under a large amount of pressure to improve efficiency and reduce costs. This means that business practices and how organizations want to capture and view their data are changing. In some cases, organizations are being asked to use research partners/collaborators for 80% of their work to meet their business needs.

This is having a significant impact on how organizations conduct their work and in particular on how data is shared with research partners/collaborators.

To support this, IDBS has created modules associated with ActivityBase and E-WorkBook platforms to allow organisations to improve efficiency when working with research partners/collaborators.

This includes the ability to:

  • Easily capture data from research partners/collaborators - facilitate data transfer between organisations to reduce the risk of data transcription errors
  • Standardize analysis methods - enable both requestors and partners/collaborators to interpret the data in the same way and reduce the need for re-analysis
  • Monitor progress of jobs - quickly identify bottlenecks in the activities being performed

During this session the needs and challenges of using research partners/collaborators will be discussed in an open forum, as well as details around how IDBS products can allow organizations to get maximum benefit from the data generated. Audience participation is expected!

Upgrading – how and why to define your migration strategy

With the launch of E-WorkBook 10 a new chapter has started for IDBS customers looking to use their enterprise platform in a web rather than desktop deployment. A host of exciting possibilities such as ease of deployment, improved performance, new functionality and an improved user experience are all part of the updated E-WorkBook web client; during this session we would like to help our customers see how this can be achieved.

In this interactive session IDBS will be presenting both the current and future state of the E-WorkBook 10 migration process, what our customers can do to prepare and plan for the migration and how IDBS can assist with this process. This is one of the most significant platform migrations in the E-WorkBook lifecycle and our aim is to make this something that all our customers can benefit from in the shortest possible timeframe.

There will be a dinner for those who can attend following the sessions. To find out more and join us in Munich please contact J.T. Kaminski: