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  • Utilizing Technology in Pharma Industry to Help Retain IP

    How can pharma organizations use tech to protect against losing vital IP amassed by researchers in the company? Paul Denny-Gouldson discusses the best practices for the pharma industry to safeguard their research.

  • Eliminating Bottlenecks and Reducing Regulatory Risks Across the Food Production Value Chain

    How can food companies increase production value and ensure they comply with industry regulations? Paul Denny-Gouldson at IDBS discusses the best practices for the food industry.

  • Cloud Computing in Laboratories

    How does Germany compare to the rest of Europe when it comes to Cloud adoption?

  • U.S. v. Europe – Cloud Adoption in Comparison

    Why are US organizations ahead of their European counterparts when it comes to Cloud adoption?

  • A question of confidence

    How do you ensure the data produced by your CROs hasn’t been tampered with, and what systems can be put in place to protect your research. Paul Denny-Gouldson talks to Sophia Ktori about the options available to protect and secure data integrity.

  • Picking up the pace at PLA

    Robert Roe discovers that data integrity, process improvement, and managing data effectively are key challenges for informatics providers ‘finding the speed to innovate’, as the theme for the latest Paperless Lab Academy suggested.