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  • Facing a formidable challenge

    Paul Denny-Gouldson discusses the challenges organizations encounter when formatting and sharing data across the scientific industry with Sophia Ktori.

  • Rapidly changing landscapes: How informatics impact new therapeutics

    Paul Denny-Gouldson discusses how biopharmaceuticals organizations can streamline the development of new therapeutics using tailored informatics.

  • Laboratory Informatics – Innovation in Brussels

    Paul Denny-Gouldson was a speaker at the 15th Annual Laboratory Informatics event in Brussels, where pharma companies gathered to discuss innovation trends. Read Paul’s article for Pharma IQ to find out the highlights of the conference.

  • Best Practices for Lab Notebooks

    Paul Denny-Gouldson shares his insight and best practices for scientists maintaining their laboratory notebooks.

  • Cloud computing – how can pharma stop worrying

    Cloud computing is helping advance research and collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry and scientists are embracing the technology with both hands.

  • The Lab of the Future

    Technology is helping shape the design of the laboratories and how scientists operate in them.