IDBS R&D Solutions For Pharmaceuticals Industry

How do you capitalize on your R&D data? The challenges are clear

In today’s highly networked labs, collaboration is everything. Research teams, whatever their location, must be able to secure and then share data quickly to accelerate the discovery process and gain insights into complex information.

IDBS partners with global pharmaceutical companies, major biotechs, and leading contract research and contract manufacturing organizations (CRO and CMO), enabling them to generate and then share cross-experimental reports in a matter of hours rather than days, or even weeks.

Experimenting on sample cell

Integration at every stage of the development process

Everything is covered. Using the IDBS platform, organizations can integrate data across every stage of the drug development process and support every discipline involved in pharma research and development (R&D), in both validated and non-validated environments.

In addition, IDBS has the expertise and experience that enables organizations to transform the research and development processes for new biological and chemical entities (NBE and NCE).

  • Increase collaboration within the organization and with outsourced partners
  • Capitalize on intellectual property (IP) assets through the secure exchange of ideas and information
  • Improve quality, optimize processes and increase efficiency to give scientists time to innovate
  • Manage contextualized data and gain valuable insight and understanding across the product and process lifecycle
  • Deliver on-demand access to R&D information to people who need it, when they need it