IDBS R&D Solutions For Healthcare Industry

Get ready for the personalized medicine revolution

In recent years we’ve seen incredible advances in both life science research and healthcare provision. As these two domains converge, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era of personalized medicine.

Medical data analysis on PC

Advance personalized medicine, improve patient outcomes

IDBS can help you advance personalized medicine and improve patient outcomes by tackling issues such as the integration of patient data from disparate sources including clinical, genomics, biobank and imaging, and ensuring adherence to information governance guidelines.

With patient stratification researchers can quickly and easily slice and dice patient data to select patient cohorts for further analysis in biomarker and translational medicine studies.

In addition, IDBS helps research teams efficiently manage data generated by any omics technique including NGS and microarray based, and integrate it with data from clinical sources.

IDBS also helps research teams adhere to terminologies and other standards by performing data normalization and mapping to ontologies, leading to better data quality.

  • Quickly explore your patient populations with a web-based patient stratification interface
  • Increase collaboration within your organization and with partners
  • Good interoperability with existing  IT structures, thanks to comprehensive API
  • Speed up scientific discoveries by finding the information when you need it
  • Facilitate management of information governance and patient confidentiality
  • Ensure that genealogy of data and data provenance are tracked