IDBS R&D Solutions For Academic Institutions

Accelerate the publication of high-quality, innovative research

Make the connection. IDBS enables academic institutions to accelerate innovation flows by managing and connecting data from disciplines as diverse as life sciences and translational medicine, to physics and engineering.

The result? Researchers can rapidly make the all-important associations between their own work and that of others, leading to faster publication of high-quality, innovative research that also increases opportunities for industry partnerships.

Teacher in front of board

Retain knowledge

In addition, institutions can ensure that they retain valuable knowledge and intellectual property (IP) when staff move on. Incumbent researchers also keep up to date with the latest information generated by the institution and their colleagues.

IDBS also partners with leading academic institutions to help them secure patents, support grant applications and advance cutting-edge research.

  • Accelerate innovation and generation of IP assets through the secure exchange of ideas and information
  • Secure valuable research data across the organization
  • Improve research quality and ensure adherence to the highest standards of research governance
  • Increase lucrative industry partnership opportunities by publishing high-quality research based on a state of the art data management system
  • Deploy effectively whether you’re a single department, entire organization or international institution
  • Reduce time looking for information and devote more resources to innovation