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Ian Peirson

Ian Peirson,

Head of Product Planning

Ian joined IDBS in 2012 as a Solution Consultant, specializing in pharmaceutical, industrial chemical and petrochemical domains. In his current role as Head of Product Planning, he oversees chemistry product development and conducts business analysis for future growth strategies.

Prior to IDBS, he worked as a synthetic organic chemist at Evotec and also as a Senior Application Scientist at Advanced Chemistry Development. In these roles, he gained extensive industry experience, and worked globally across diverse market verticals to develop solutions to meet customer requirements. Ian holds an MSc in Chemistry from the University of Natal (South Africa) and a MBA from Henley Business School.

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Nathalie Batoux

Nathalie Batoux,

Lead Business Analyst

Nathalie is part of the Business Analysis team at IDBS and her current focus is on developing the web based chemistry capabilities in IDBS’ products. This includes being an integral part of the agile development team as well as working closely with customers to elicit requirements and obtain feedback around the feature development. She joined IDBS in 2005, and before joining the Business Analysis team, she was responsible for the E-WorkBook Testing team.

Prior to working at IDBS, Nathalie was a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Organic Chemistry at Queen’s University, Belfast (UK). Nathalie completed her PhD in Organic Chemistry at the Université de Limoges (France) specialising in the synthesis of nucleoside analogues.

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Anthony Barnardo

Anthony Barnardo,

Senior Programme Manager

Anthony joined IDBS in 2002, and since that time has worked within Support, Development, Project Management, Programme Management and Process Management functions. He has over ten years’ experience in cheminformatics implementations and currently runs the Chemistry development team.

Anthony graduated with first class honours in Chemistry from the University of Southampton. After spending several years as a postgraduate researcher in pharmacognosy and synthetic chemistry at King’s College London, he went on to obtain an MSc with Distinction in Software Engineering from Bournemouth University.

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Virendra Mishra

Virendra Mishra,

Principal Techonologist 1

Virendra has been working in IDBS for more than 13 years and his contribution in IDBS includes enriching IDBS flagship products varying from ActivityBase Suite to E-WorkBook Suite with Chemistry capability. Currently he is working as Principal Technologist and focusing on developing Web chemistry solution for E-WorkBook web application. Prior to this he has worked in Search feature team and added chemistry searching capability in modern search engines such as Apache Solr and Elastic search. In addition to this Virendra also visits conferences and customer sites to understand their architectural need and provide technical support.

Prior to working at IDBS, Virendra has worked as software consultant for various companies including Thomson Financial Research, Fujitsu and ICL. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University and he is Microsoft® Certified Technology Specialist.

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